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Looking for a children’s dentist? At Buderim Dental Surgery we, help your child learn the importance of oral hygiene to achieve a lifetime of healthy teeth!

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Children's Dentist In Sunshine Coast

The Best Dental Care For Your Child

Oral health is very important, especially for our children. Your child’s teeth are important not just for their smile, but also for their overall health. As such, good oral care habits and general children’s dentistry should start as soon as possible.

That’s why, at Buderim Dental Surgery, we make it our priority to ensure your child not only receives the proper care their teeth needs, but also that each visit to the dentist is fun, engaging, and comfortable!

Serving patients across Buderim and the Sunshine Coast, we truly believe that our dental surgery is the best place for your child’s oral care needs. We look forward to meeting you and your child and helping you achieve the best oral health possible for your child!

Start Children's Dentistry Early

Why Your Child Should Visit the Dentist

It’s no secret that taking care of our teeth is important. After all, our teeth allow us to eat the foods we love, help us speak clearly, and give our smile its shining appearance. This is one of the many reasons why children’s dentistry is so important – as your child develops, both their ‘milk’ or ‘baby teeth’ and ‘adult’ teeth need to be properly cared for. 

We truly believe in making your child’s dental appointment simple, easy, and as exciting for them as possible while also helping parents better understand how important it is to seek treatment when issues arise. That is why we’re proud to say that no matter what issues your child may have, our children’s dentist has the ability to fix them!

Maintain Overall Dental Health

How your child eats, their oral health, their diet, how you clean their teeth and what you use to clean them are all factors that play a big role in the oral health of your children. As such, they need to be assessed to understand whether or not they may be at risk of developing decay. This also helps to avoid potentially serious problems if left untreated.

Promote Good Hygiene Habits

We work to educate them on the importance of oral hygiene, and help make caring for their teeth easier for you both. (plus, they’ll never hear mom or dad complain about how often they need to brush their teeth!)

Our children’s dentist understands how anxiety-inducing a visit to the dentist can be, and as natural as this phenomenon is, our dentist works hard to ensure your child enjoys their visit to our dental practice.

Develop A Positive Attitude For The Dentist

Similarly, the idea of a trip to the dentist is not always an exciting prospect for children. Our children’s dentists understand why – they have seen their parents or peers perhaps experience stress, pain, and discomfort during their own dental appointments, so it only makes sense that a child might follow suit! But at Buderim Dental Surgery, we want to help change this perspective for the better.

The Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme

Affordable Children's Dentistry

We understand that as a parent, you only want the best for your child. This includes finding quality, affordable dental care. At Buderim Dental Surgery, we provide high-quality children’s dentistry at an affordable price. We make your child’s visit fun and FREE with a Bulk Billed Service and no out-of-pocket expenses.

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) is a program for eligible children aged 2-17 years old that provides up to $1000 in dental benefits over two consecutive calendar years for basic oral health services.

Similarly, Buderim Dental Surgery Club membership benefits are a cost-effective way to cover payment for annual exams, cleaning and more.

*Please note that not all children are eligible as the scheme is income based. Eligibility is assessed by the Department of Human Services. FOR MORE INFORMATION, GO TO WWW.HUMANSERVICES.GOV.AU

**For more information about our club membership, visit our dental plan page.

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Caring for Children’s Mouth is Our Priority

Buderim Dental Surgery is a leading practice designed to ensure every patient’s experience is the best it can be – no matter their age. Our practice is bright, warm and inviting to ensure your child is at ease as soon as they walk in the door.

Our team of dentists, hygienists, and support staff are all highly trained professionals who love working with children and seeing their happy faces once they have completed their care.

Our kids dentists offer general preventive care, fillings, advice and more! Our child dental specialists in Sunshine Coast, use only the best materials and the latest equipment to ensure your child’s experience is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

If you’re looking for quality, affordable children’s dentistry in Sunshine Coast, then look no further than Buderim Dental Surgery! Contact us today to book an appointment.

Why Choose Buderim Dental?

We prioritise our customers’ experience and want to ensure your time in our dental practice is pleasant. Choose Buderim Dental Surgery for your dental needs!

30 Years Combined Experience

OK, so being qualified as a dentist is really a given, we all know that … but we assure you that all the qualifications and experience are found in our practice!

Your Experience Matters

Beyond the technical skills of dentistry, we offer a real human touch. We get to know you, get to understand your wishes and work hard to help you achieve them.

We love to see your smile

No Judgement, no pain, no fear. We want to ensure you are happy, healthy and smiling! See what a great experience looking after your smile can be.


Children's Dentistry

How often you should schedule dental visits depends on many factors, including your child's age. It is recommended that children visit the dentist twice a year for their first check-up at age one, and then continue to visit twice yearly until they turn three. From there, children should see the dentist once every six months up until they are 18 years old. Additional visits can be made if required, to address common issues like cavities or growing issues.

At Buderim Dental Surgery, we recommend seeing our children's dentist about every six months as well!

Many parents are wary of bringing their children for their first check up because they're afraid the trip will be too traumatic for them, but we encourage you to remember that even very young children can learn to love coming to see us!

We recommend taking time before the appointment to get your child familiar with the local area and let them know what fun activities such as watching videos and playing games they can participate in during the appointment. Giving them an idea of what to expect helps ease anxiety and makes everyone feel more comfortable during their dental visit.

It is important to bring any medical history or specific information about your child that you think might be relevant. Children are not required to have an examination before their treatment, so if you do feel there are any health concerns it is best to let our children's dentist know ahead of time so they can take this into consideration when planning treatment.

If your child has seen another dentist in the past it is also helpful for them to have all their records on hand.

The prices of dental treatments vary depending on the treatment itself and many other factors. Our pricing estimates offered during initial consultations are an approximation, but if you would like to know the specific cost of a particular treatment, you are welcome to call us or come in.

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